Mr news go new personal attack

Mr Romney is considered to be a liberal and progressive. The rating of the presidential hopeful has dropped to somewhat as compared to some previous polls and it is considered to be owing to a negative advertisement campaign against Mitt Romney by his closest rival Newt Gingrich. In one advertisement titled Blood Money, Mitt Romney has been accused of a medicare fraud of millions of dollars. Though it is being termed as a personal attack but still Mitt Romney has not given any satisfactory answer to the questions posed in the advertisement.
But it still remains the fact that Mitt Romney has fast emerged as a potential candidate of the GOP for the upcoming elections. Despite all his shortcomings, he has also got some positive points which actually give him and his electorates’ strength. Many observers believe that if Mitt Romney clinches success in Florida primary that is quite imminent then nobody can stop him from becoming the GOP presidential candidate.
As the Poll shows Mr Romney getting a clear cut lead over all of his three rival candidates, it is being widely expected in the United States that Mr Romney will finally be able to get nomination of the GOP for the upcoming presidential elections

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