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Mr Romney is considered to be a liberal and progressive. The rating of the presidential hopeful has dropped to somewhat as compared to some previous polls and it is considered to be owing to a negative advertisement campaign against Mitt Romney by his closest rival Newt Gingrich. In one advertisement titled Blood Money, Mitt Romney has been accused of a medicare fraud of millions of dollars. Though it is being termed as a personal attack but still Mitt Romney has not given any satisfactory answer to the questions posed in the advertisement.
But it still remains the fact that Mitt Romney has fast emerged as a potential candidate of the GOP for the upcoming elections. Despite all his shortcomings, he has also got some positive points which actually give him and his electorates’ strength. Many observers believe that if Mitt Romney clinches success in Florida primary that is quite imminent then nobody can stop him from becoming the GOP presidential candidate.
As the Poll shows Mr Romney getting a clear cut lead over all of his three rival candidates, it is being widely expected in the United States that Mr Romney will finally be able to get nomination of the GOP for the upcoming presidential elections

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the closest rival of Mitt Romney – has, however, proven the campaign tough for Romney and he could not smooth sail as he was planning in 2011. Different debates with Newt Gingrich exposed a number of weaknesses of Mr Romney and it is

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson

The focus of the media on Tuesday in the Florida Republican primary, but they may not personally like President Obama's bigger problem facing Republican voters across the country. A more important question, in the long run, if the fracture and split the Republican Party, regardless of the nominee is able to win in November.

Vote in Tuesday's Florida primary show former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has a leading position, pull about 41% of the vote, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich 29%. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum third, about 14%, and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who is running a substantial decline in Florida's voting campaign, about 10% of the vote.

However, across the country, Romney's figure is almost none. In fact, Gingrich led Romney 30.3 to 27.5 percent, and Santo Roma, 16.3%, 12.8%, and Paul.

With the ups and downs, twists and turns into a Republican campaign has taken so far, what these figures tell the astute political critic do?

1. Republicans suffered a severe identity crisis. Bush's Republican brand damage, first proposed in the 2006 midterm elections when the Democrats won the congressional elections of appearance. Obama and Biden from the republic in 2008, another impact. If the President does not botched his 2009 health care debate process, it is possible, because we know it today did not get tea party power, the Republican House of Representatives in 2010 Dailing acquisition. But with the Congress is much lower than the president, Republican presidential candidate would eventually find his party's own brand luggage drag.

Learn about the History of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neuromuscular disorder with the purpose of causes sufferers to control relentless difficulties with movement, particularly motor skills.
There are a come to of types and levels of conditions defined as logical palsy. The disorder was identified in the mid-1800s; since so therefore theories approaching the causes and workable treatments of logical palsy control varied greatly.

All types of logical palsy are caused by the impairment or abnormal development of the portion of the brain with the purpose of is mature in support of muscular control, tone, and movement. Different parts of the brain control altered motor functions, and the type of logical palsy with the purpose of develops is dependant on which part of the brain is functioning incorrectly.

Individuals with spastic logical palsy suffer from stiff muscles with the purpose of possibly will jerk uncontrollably. Spastic logical palsy possibly will affect the complete body, the legs simply, or solitary partially of the body.

Individuals with dyskinetic logical palsy control problems with coordination. Their muscles possibly will move little by little and uncontrollably.

Other types of logical palsy are a mixture of spastic and dyskinetic symptoms.

Taking part in 1860, British general practitioner William a small amount recorded the details of fresh patients who suffered from stiff, jerky muscles in their limbs and who significantly lagged behind other children in their knack to develop and play basic motor skills.
 A small amount called the condition logical paralysis. A small amount watched the children finished a epoch of period and unwavering with the purpose of the condition did get better or degenerate as they grew big.

A small amount found with the purpose of the majority of children pain from the catch had been born prematurely or like long, complicated deliveries. He hypothesized with the purpose of the root of the catch lay in the infant's brains being deprived of oxygen for the period of the track of a challenging birth.


Little's theory with the purpose of oxygen deprivation next to birth is the most important cause of logical palsy was normal as normal wisdom in support of decades like his unusual observations.
Although in 1897 the neurologist Sigmund Freud argued with the purpose of, as the majority logical palsy
Patients plus suffer from mental retardation, the root of the catch be obliged to lay in abnormalities for the period of the development of the infant's brain in the womb,
It wasn't until the mean 1980s with the purpose of checkup examine definitively proved with the purpose of birth complications are not a major contributing dynamic to logical palsy.

Modern checkup examine wires the theory with the purpose of logical palsy-- perhaps as many as 70-80 percent of all cases--is a end result of problems occurring ahead of birth. While the causes control not been specifically identified.

There are a come to of chance factors associated with logical palsy; these include the tend pain from an infection for the period of pregnancy, premature birth, birth defects, an infection beforehand in the infant's life, multiple births, and low birth significance.

There is veto medicine in support of logical palsy. The treatments open in support of logical palsy sufferers focus on portion the entity develop the highest level of independance workable. Physical therapy with the purpose of factory on decreasing muscle stiffness and spasticity and increasing copious motor skills has been a secure of logical palsy therapy in support of years.

 Modern treatments of cerebral palsy often bloc real therapy with occupational therapy (focusing on small motor skills), speech therapy, and theraputic electrical stimulation (TES). TES delivers small electrical shocks to the muscles while the entity sleeps and is idea to expand the amount of muscle fibers.

Take Care Of Just These Two Diseases

One of my favorite motivational speakers is a guy by the name of Brian Tracy, who is one of the world’s top experts on success psychology and personal achievement. In case you haven’t heard of Brian, he is sort of like a calmer, more “laid back” version of infomercial guru, Tony Robbins.

Not long ago, I had the chance to attend a seminar Brian held at the Jacob Javitz center here in New York City. One part of his talk really grabbed my attention, and I’d like to share it with you...

Brian said that that there are two diseases running rampant across America and much of the industrialized world today. If you had to hazard a guess, which two do you think they are? Cancer? Diabetes? Heart Disease? Osteoporosis? Obesity?

Guess what? They’re NONE of the above. In fact, they’re not even physical diseases – they are mental diseases.

The first mental disease, according to Tracy, is called something-for nothing disease. Something for nothing disease is contracted by people who believe they can take more out than what they put in. These are the people who want all the rewards without paying full price, or as Brian put it, “They want to go through the revolving door of life on someone else’s push.”

Quick fix disease is the second of the mental diseases. According to Brian, this disease is contracted by people who always want a quick way to reach their goals. They search for instant cures to solve problems that may have taken months or even years to develop. They seek short cuts to acquire key skills that actually take many months and years of hard work to master.

These diseases are not to be confused with the desire to constantly get better and search for more efficient ways to reach your goals (which is a positive trait). The “diseased” people are those trying to reach their goals faster than nature intended without any effort (which is a negative trait). As a friend of mine once said, "There’s a big difference between seeking efficiency and being lazy."

Brian’s New York City seminar was mostly filled with businesspeople, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, so he referred to financial examples, such as: wanting to work fewer hours and earn more money, investing in get rich quick schemes, or buying lottery tickets.

However, I personally feel that quick fix and something for nothing disease are more rampant and insidious among people with fitness goals than they are among any other group.

Health and fitness seekers with something for nothing disease they think they can get twice the results in half the time. They want weight loss without dieting, fitness without exercise, and perfect health while eating, drinking and smoking whatever they want.

Those with quick fix disease want to take a pill, go to sleep, and wake up skinny. They are forever on a quest to find short cuts to fitness goals that that normally take months or years to attain.

People afflicted by quick fix disease are suckers for the latest “exercise in a bottle,” “fat burning cream,” “diet pill,” or “steroid replacement” scams. They impulsively buy miracle solutions on a whim, which they haven’t researched and know nothing about.

Saddest of all, they often waste YEARS of their lives on a misguided quest for the holy grail of weight loss or muscle growth, when they could have reached their goals with a better work ethic and a little bit of persistence.

People with these diseases are violating some of the most basic laws of the universe: Cause and effect, sowing and reaping, action and reaction. This is just as ridiculous as attempting to violate other natural laws such as the law of gravity. Jump off a cliff, and you’re going to plummet to the Earth below – 100% of the time.

But there’s more: Not only are you going to FAIL and hit bottom if you catch one or both of these diseases - the very act of seeking a quick fix or wanting something for nothing makes you a weaker person.

On the other hand, the act of setting a worthy goal for something you want and reaching it through diligence, determination, discipline and hard work changes the very fiber of your being. You literally change on a cellular level; you become a stronger person.

The purpose of having a worthy goal then, is not to possess the goal, it is to become a better person as result of pursuing and achieving the goal. If you get something for nothing, you may have that thing, but you have not become anything. Pity the person who wins a million dollars who has not become a millionaire in spirit and character.

It’s been said you don’t get what you want in life, you get what you deserve. If you want to achieve your perfect weight and improve your health… if you want success and achievement… if you want to win the championship title… then set the goal and go for it!

But whatever you do, don’t catch these two diseases. SHUN THE QUICK FIX, AVOID THE FREE RIDE and deserve it. You can have, do or be anything you want - just pay the price and it’s yours!
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